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Always at Enterprises' Service


Art of Contracts is a legal firm specialized in international trade law, contract law and corporate law, which mainly offers legal services for small and medium enterprises that operate on a national and international scale. The company distinguishes itself by the deep knowledge of the European and international market thanks to the use of methods which combine the legal rigour to the analysis of the problem from the company view. Result: efficiency, professionalism and costs' transparency; taking care of the client till the solution of the problem.


Art of Contracts works as a link between the south and the north of Europe, between two still very different faces of the same medal that require professionals who are aware of the cultural differences and are able to find common channels for a successful communication between the parties, both in the negotiation phase and in the more advanced one of the drafting of an ad hoc contract that responds to the specific requests of each client.


Thanks to a worldwide network of experts, Art of Contracts provides legal assistance in joint ventures and partnerships with India, Brazil, China, Turkey, Latin American and South-East Asian countries. We are also active in the search for potential partners in the countries mentioned above, taking care of the negotiation between the parties, the drafting of a specific contract as well as providing the indispensable legal assistance after the signature of the contract.


The competence and experience of the professionals of Art of Contracts, reached by working in international legal offices, assure a reliable legal assistance at both an European and international level.